The Poly Area tool allows the user to select multiple attributes within the area selected. STRATA is developing methodologies (via machine learning) that will provide suggestions within the project planning process such as additional collection and analysis locations the user may miss. 

A detailed view of the project planning process on the platform. A planner/engineer can plan a whole project and have their data ordered. Additionally, we allow the count contractors to plan and deploy their collection resources as well. Contextualization of data from traffic analysis (for engineers and planners) to business inefficiencies (for executive staff) are part of the roadmap.

The Data Point tool allows the user to manage their data at a granular level. Each element can be placed on the map, assigned to and analyzed by a particular stakeholder. This allows everybody to be on the same page with relevant updates for their internal processes.


A platform that will bring parties across the vertical and horizontal parts of any transportation infrastructure project, together. Currently, we are building and testing this out internally to STRATA with a focus on the Urban Development process. We do have a roadmap to introduce this tool to our public and private clients.  Our platform will allow private companies and public entities to share core data without sacrificing privacy. 

The Project Planning Platform is currently under development.  Various stacks are being built to allow for functionality from data orders to data contextualization.  Collaboration with team members; inside an organization or outside it, is a key feature and will allow for smoother work flow in the project planning and implementation process.   


The Find Data tool allows the user to find data within their organization. External data sources can be used as if the user is subscribed to the Sharing-is-Caring tier. Data sources can contain raw TMC files to project outcomes.

Under development, this stack allows the user to define an analysis type and build a project on the platform from that foundation. STRATA is using proprietary methodologies (via machine learning) to guide data collection, verification and analysis (HCM). Additional analysis types are on the roadmap.


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