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BedRock integrates automations in the traditional urban development and engineering space and is informed by core competencies.  Connect with us on how Strata can empower your organization!

Traditional Services

Designed to simplify urban planning, related analytics, and interactions

BedRock sits at the core of development and management of urban environments. BedRock's holistic approach simplifies project conceptualization and management by turning maps into a dynamic interface, uses machine learning to analyze project data for analysis, and eases collaboration between public agencies and external parties.


BedRock enables decision making in real-time at the project level, on-site or in the boardroom, enabling data insights for all decision makers, seamlessly.


Transportation Analysis

Simulation modeling - from macro to micro

Assessed data quality for precise story-telling

Project Management

Organize project intent and goals

Urban Planning

Integrate design techniques and toolkits backed by analytics

As the technical project lead for some of America’s biggest street transformations, Navjodh’s career in transportation planning and construction management is grounded in engineering for good.

In developing BedRock as a platform, Navjodh applied the fundamentals of the AEC industry to urban development space. During his time at NYC DOT, he played a key role as part of the team that redesigned and implemented the Queens Boulevard Vision Zero redesign. As a flagship safety project, Navjodh analyzed and provided design solutions, helping transform 6 miles of what used to be called the Boulevard of Death to a successful complete street. He also worked to apply international project management best practices to transform Central Park and Prospect Park from thoroughfares into the low-carbon green-spaces enjoyed by millions of people every year.  

He applies principles of inclusive design and healthy living for creating a more livable city for everyone. His work continues to serve as benchmarks for street analysis in New York, scaling safety improvements citywide. Having built his own team in a leading public agency, he continues to serve as an advisor to NYC DOT on various projects and programs.

A lifelong native of Queens, New York, he enjoys spending time with his family in the city’s many parks and greenways.

Navjodh Singh, P.E.

Founder Profile

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