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Update - May 2022: Bedrock is Live! Check it Out!

BedRock brings parties across the vertical and horizontal parts of a transportation planning project, together. Our platform allows private companies, public entities, and data collection vendors to interact.  Each party gets their own toolkits for their needs. These fundamental processes and interactions don't change across the cities and towns across the globe attempting to improve their transportation infrastructure and urban environment.

BedRock has collaborative features built-in; from tracking contributions to live chats on the map. 


Collaboration with team members; inside an organization or outside it, is a key feature and allows for smoother work flows from data conceptualization to data ordering to data analysis. 

(Examples of BedRock's collaborative abilities are shown on the left. In this specific video, it is between 2 accounts.)

BedRock has deep search built in. Because each project is contextualized by location, types of data ordered (elements), and intent, search becomes very intuitive. 

Planners, Engineers, and Project Managers can search for raw count files without the need to make vague assumptions about their simulations models.

BedRock has real-time analysis for its users. As soon as data touches the platform, users can identify issues with the data, key metrics such as peak hour, PHF, %HV to higher level insights like how peaky is 15 min. peak within peak hour. 

BedRock will be accommodating HCM Analysis in the near future with a more statistical approach rather than a deterministic one.

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